Many of my books, like The Beastly Feast, are pretty much impossible to translate. The fun is in the English words and sounds. “Moose bring juice” sounds good in English. “Los alces traen los jugos” just doesn’t have much zip or zing. But I’m happy to say that some of my books have made their way into other countries.


Great Estimations, Greater Estimations, and That’s a Possibility! Korea
A Korean publisher recently bought three of my books to include in a series of kid’s books about math that are going to be sold door-to-door, just like encyclopedias in the old days.


Great Estimations, Mexico
Every year, the Mexican government buys five books to give away. So a few years ago, about 70,000 kids there got free copies of ¡Qué buen cálculo!

Greater Estimations, Japan
I’m told that my name in Japanese sounds more or less like Burusu Gorudosuton, which has a rather nice ring to it.

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Day, Canada (French)
Apparently the celebration of the 100th Day of School has reached French Canada. Who knew?


Bip in a Book, France
This one was quite easy to translate, since it doesn’t have any words. They only needed to change the title. Apparently, Marcel was quite involved in choosing the French title, which in English would be something like Bip Trapped in a Book.

Great Estimations, France
I was worried about the title they chose for this edition, since the whole idea of the book is to encourage readers to estimate, not count, and compte is the French word for “count.” But they persuaded me that this is a fun title because it’s a known French phrase (sort of like Great Estimations is a play on Dickens’ Great Expectations.)

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