Click Here to read a rubber stamp story I created back in Jr. High.


You’ll See a Pattern Here…

Check out my fabric designs at SaunterStyle, a Spoonflower shop. You’ll find ducks, dragons, groundhogs, and more.

Other Stuff

Visit the GreatEstimations Store to buy t-shirts, mugs, and other stuff with images from my books, and some other things I like. The pictures below show some of the stuff you can get. Click an image to see a larger view. Click Order to go to the store page for that item. (Want an Adult size t-shirt? You can find ’em at the store, but they’re kind of hidden. Click on See All Styles in the lower right of the page.)


Celebrate 100 T-Shirt

Perfect for celebrating the 100th Day of School (or for just helping people get used to what 100 looks like—a valuable bit of eye training from Great Estimations.) Order

What Does 1,000 Look Like? T-Shirt

Do your part to help the world estimate! Wear a thousand paper clips and a thousand popcorn kernels all day long.) Order


I’ve always liked this word puzzle. Do you know how to say GHOTI? Just follow the instructions on the shirt for the surprising answer. (Hint: the cute picture is a pretty big clue, too.) Order T-ShirtOrder Button (Buttons don’t have the fine print—good for keeping people guessing.)


So now you think you know how to say GHOTI? Think again! If you follow these instructions, you get an even more surprising answer—it’s an entirely silent word. That’s right—five letters, every one of them silent. Isn’t English an amazing language? Order T-ShirtOrder Button  (Buttons don’t have the fine print.)

Here’s another way to celebrate the 100th Day of School—wear 100 colored pencils that form the number 100. A little back story to the picture: When I got the idea for this image, I began trying to sharpen each pencil to the right length. That was awfully frustrating, because they kept breaking. Finally, it dawned on me that since these pencils don’t have erasers, all I had to do was saw off the non-sharpened ends. (Yes, I could have achieved a similar effect with Photoshop, but I like to do things the real way whenever possible.) Order T-ShirtOrder Button

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