Spectacular Spring


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Chock-full of interesting facts for young readers

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Lee Littlewood 
A refreshing introduction to all that spring offers.


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About the Book

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, whether I’m in New York City or Buenos Aires (where spring begins around the end of September—I know, the Southern Hemisphere is confusing.) I love seeing trees burst into bloom and insects humming in the air.


I’ve loved putting together these seasons books with the art department at Henry Holt. Headed by the wonderful April Ward, the team helps come up with an overall color scheme that highlights each season. So Awesome Autumn is crisp oranges, Wonderful Winter is icy blues, and Spectacular Spring is fresh and vibrant greens. Just looking at these books reminds me of how much I love to watch the little changes that make every season special.

Of course, not everyone is quite as buzzed about warmer, wetter weather. My rather hairy dog, Jasper, much prefers the winter cold. He’s quite happy to dig in the dirt when the springtime ground softens, but he’s not a very good sport about the rain. In fact, of all the dogs I’ve had, he’s the biggest baby about going out in the rain. If even a drop falls on his fur, he’ll look at me like I’m crazy for dragging him outside and refuse to budge another inch.







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