The Beastly Feast,
illustrations by Blair Lent


Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)
A veritable banquet of vibrant images and jocular rhymes awaits readers in this irresistible picture book….These collaborators cook up a scrumptious feast indeed.


Children’s Literature
The beasts have a rollicking good time in this story, which is a bit of a tongue-twister. It will have youngsters giggling as the beasts bring their treats to the feast.


School Library Journal
This collaboration is cause for celebration; The Beastly Feast will give youngsters lots of reasons to rejoice.


Parents’ Choice
It’s inspired nonsense for youngest listeners.

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About the Book

The Beastly Feast was my first kid’s book. When I wrote it, I was part of a musical theater workshop and thinking a lot about lyrics and rhymes. On the train one day, I began to brainstorm a list of rhyming animals and foods. Over the next few weeks, I added more and more rhymes to the list. Around that time, we were getting ready to move into our apartment in downtown Manhattan. One day I got stuck there waiting for a contractor who never showed up. The apartment was almost completely empty: just a mattress and a lamp from the former owner. Alone in my new home with a lot of free time and no distractions, I began to assemble the rhymes into a story. The next day I returned to the apartment and finished the rough draft. I read the story aloud to try to find pleasing rhythms and sounds. After putting together the story, I read it to several friends (young and old) to refine it.


If you read the book aloud, you’ll probably hear the influence of one of my favorite authors: Dr. Seuss. When I was a kid, I read Fox in Socks so many times that I still know most of it by heart.

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