Ten Friends,

illustrations by Heather Cahoon

Publisher’s Weekly
“If you could ask 10 friends to tea, tell me who your friends would be,” begins Goldstone’s (The Beastly Feast) rollicking, rhyming approach to addition… Exuberantly stylish, this painless introduction to the power of 10 should prove to be many aspiring mathematicians’ cup of tea.

Children’s Literature
There is much good fun in this title, and good math, too.

Kirkus Reviews
An eyeful of lively characters gives this counting book plenty of vim, as do Goldstone’s choices of words.

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About the Book

People often ask how I find the illustrators for my books. In the case of both The Beastly Feast and Ten Friends, the answer is I don’t. The publisher buys my manuscript and then chooses an artist they think will be a good match for the text. This means that there are plenty of surprises for me when I see the art. When I wrote Ten Friends, I imagined the characters as people. So I was surprised—and delighted—to see that the artist, Heather Cahoon, imagined them quite differently. She created a wonderful cast of animal character to play the parts I wrote, from mouse tailors and octopus drummers to tiger ventriloquists and porcupine quilters

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