I See a Pattern Here





School Library Journal
An excellent overview.


A useful, attractive introduction.


Publisher’s Weekly
Readers will be hard pressed not to search for patterns everywhere they look after finishing this one.

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About the Book

It always amazes me what beautiful and complicated patterns you can create with just a few simple flips, slides, turns, and so on. I had a great time collecting some of my favorite patterns for this book.


I create a lot of different patterns when I make quilts. There’s a quilting custom that you should put one “mistake” into your quilt so that you aren’t showing off that you can do something perfect. I usually follow this custom, even though my quilts are far from perfect anyway, partly because I never make the same pattern twice. That would be boring. So by the time I’m finally getting the hang of a new pattern, I’m usually finishing the quilt.


I also managed to sneak some a big quilt into Greater Estimations, and some quilt fabric squares into 100 Way to Celebrate 100 Days.


Here are a few of the quilts I’ve made for kids (I don’t like to call them baby quilts because I try to make them big enough to last longer than the days of babyhood.)


Amelia’s Quilt


Noah’s Quilt

NoahJonah’s Quilt


Libby’s Quilt (with Zoot the cat and a thumb in front of the lens. Oops.)


Will’s Quilt


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