Awesome Autumn


Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Goldstone departs from his usual math picture books to deliver one of the most comprehensive books about autumn available for kids….Wonderfully apropos pictures, solid information and sheer breadth are sure to make this an elementary-classroom staple. The cover blurb says it all: “All kinds of fall facts and fun.”

The Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books
This visually and narratively engaging exploration of the season offers the perfect jumpstart for autumnal studies.

A richly varied view of autumn.

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About the Book

I enjoy all of the four seasons quite a lot, but there’s something very special about the fall. Of course, autumn looks great, with its reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, but it also smells, sounds, and feels terrific. When I dug into writing this book, I realized that those senses were a big part of how I feel about autumn. I wanted to be sure to give them a lot of focus.

The title came from the wonderful book designer, April Ward. One day while we were going over the book, she said in passing that she kept wanting to call it Awesome Autumn. I forget what I’d been calling it up until then, but as soon as I heard the title, that was it. I sort of wanted to call it April’s Awesome Autumn in her honor, but that title would be sure to confuse a lot of people. Anyway, April’s a big part of why I like this book. She and I worked together on a lot of the page concepts—some of the graphic ideas are mine, some are hers, and some neither one of us can remember thinking up.

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